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Step 1

Emergency course

Before submitting an application for categories A1, A, B1 or B, you must complete the emergency aid course us.
It is valid for six years.

Those who already have a driver’s license of the categories mentioned (as well as doctors and nursing staff with a diploma) are exempt from attending the course.

After the first aid course, a “learning driving application” must be filled in to assign a student driver category.

You must submit the application form no earlier than one month before the required minimum age.

10h Mandatory Course
(two-day course including ID fees and course documents)

120 CHF

Mandatory exam

Theoretical Driving Exam

The theory test can be taken at the earliest one month before reaching the minimum age
and is valid for two years.

Individuals who already have a driving license in categories A1, A, B1 or B do not have to take a basic theory test.

After passing the basic theory test, the desired learning driving license is issued. It is a prerequisite for attending traffic science lessons and for motorcyclists in addition to attending practical basic training.

Optional courses:
Individual lesson (1h) – 60 CHF
Group lessons (4h) – 150 CHF
Group lesson refresher (2h) – 80 CHF


Step 2

Traffic science

Before registering for the practical driving test for categories A1, A, B1 or B, it must be demonstrated that a course on traffic studies of 8 hours duration has been attended. It is valid for two years.

People who already have a driver’s license in one of these categories are exempt from attending the course.

After finishing the traffic science lessons you are ready to start your practical basic training and can choose one of the different options below for this.

Eight lessons (mandatory) – 190 CHF
Traffic log (mandatory) – 20 CHF

Step 3

Motorcycle Driving Courses and Car Driving Courses

Motorcycle driving course

Car driving course

Category A1

Minimum age

15 years: Motorcycles with a displacement of no more than 50 cm³ and an engine output of no more than 4 kW and a maximum of 45 km/h

16 years: other motorcycles of subcategory A1 (motorcycles with a cubic capacity of not more than 125 cm³ and an engine power of at most 11 kW)

Practical basic training

12 hours

Price of basic training

Part 1 (4h) – 170 CHF
Part 2 (4h) – 170 CHF
Part 3 (4h) – 170 CHF

Total 510 CHF

Category A limited

Minimum age

18 years

Practical basic training

12 hours

Price of basic training

Part 1 (4h) – 170 CHF
Part 2 (4h) – 170 CHF
Part 3 (4h) – 170 CHF

Total 12h – 510 CHF

Category A unlimited

Minimum age

20 years with at least two year A35kW license complaint-free

18 years only for motorcycle mechanics, police officers or traffic experts (direct entry)

Practical basic training

12 hours

Price of basic training

Part 1 (4h) – 170 CHF
Part 2 (4h) – 170 CHF
Part 3 (4h) – 170 CHF

Total 12h – 510 CHF

Category B

The ability to drive is a vital skill to have‚ whether for practical moments, such as picking up the kids from school, or fun times, such as planning a trip abroad. So if you have to drive for business, or just want to drive for pleasure, having a licence can be your ticket to fun, freedom and independence.

As a general rule, we recommend to book either an individual class or the 10-hour block booking deal and then, after seeing you, we will tailor you an intensive driving course in Zürich that works for you!

Price of basic training

  • 1 hour individual – 90 CHF
  • 5 hours individual – 430 CHF (86 CHF per hour)
  • 10 hours individual – 820 CHF (82 CHF per hour)
  • 15 hours individual – 1170 CHF (78 CHF per hour)
Some people struggle to learn how to co-ordinate the clutch, gears and accelerator. This often leads to them stalling the car or bunny hoping down the road or the car rolls back. This can be very frustrating and stressful, making learning to drive more difficult.

Taking driving lessons or a Intensive driving course in an automatic car with a Driving Center will make learning to drive a lot less stressful, reduce anxiety and increase your confidence.

Step 4

Practical driving test

Register online

When you have completed the practical driving training at your driving school, you can register online for the practical driving test.

After registering, you will recieve you a binding appointment confirmation.

If you have to postpone your appointment, please report at least four working days before the appointment. If you cancel late or miss the exam, you will have to pay the normal exam fee.

If you fail your exam

If you fail your first exam,
you will recieve a registration form for your second attempt within approximately three working days.

If you fail your second test,
you can register for the practical driver test a third time. Before that we need to confirm in writing that you have completed your driver training.

If you fail your third exam
you will need to take a driving test. If you pass it, you can register for the fourth time.

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